Intelligent display of your data on Google Maps

  • More data in less space ! Now you can display markers representing large quantities of data in a geographical area
  • More representative mapping ! Automatic configuration of the shape and size of markers
  • More interactive mapping ! A mouseclick is all it takes to display and sort the data contained in markers
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A single solution appropriate for any line of work


Making it easier to display geographical information, enabling prospective buyers and tenants to locate the properties in your portfolio


Create interactive maps providing summary overviews of your members


Offer your customers and prospects an innovative application which makes it easy to locate your outlets

How our customers use Maptimize

Key advantages of Maptimize


  • Data is displayed on the map in next to no time
  • Maps which are easier to read and more impactful
  • More intuitive navigation
  • Criteria-based search directly via the map interface
  • Works with Mac/PC browsers and on iPhone


  • Enhanced display and search experience for customers
  • Data hosted and summarised by Maptimize, freeing up bandwidth
  • Easy to set up
  • Available in SaaS or site-deployed modes
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“If CrunchPanorama was built on Google maps “manually” it would show an endless number of markers that would make the map unreadable. Maptimize is able to address this issue by grouping the markers and providing a clean result that remains accessible at decent speed.. ”

Ouriel Ohayon

“Real Estate is all about location and until now we hadn't been able to successfully map all 40K+ of our properties. Working with Maptimize has enabled us to provide a user-friendly map-based property search, which greatly increased the productivity of our website ”

Christopher O'Connor

“With more than 25000 golf courses in our database, OhMyGolf had to find a powerful visualization system to allow golfers to easily find their club on a map. With Maptimize, we found a reliable and fast solution and we integrated it in less than a day. ”

Pierre-Loïc Renaud