How Maptimize came to be ?

The story of Maptimize goes back to when we set up Who's Web, a geolocalised directory of web technology experts. The limits of Google Maps technology rapidly became apparent - with over 100 markers on a map, the directory proved impossible to use; the elements took far too long to load and were too difficult to read.

To solve this issue, we developed an algorithm enabling large numbers of markers to be conflated into clusters. This principle made it possible for data to be displayed more quickly - as well as generating maps which were easier to read, making browsing the directory a much more pleasant experience.

Since the technology addressed a specific need for which nobody else had come up with an effective solution, it was quickly noticed by Internet professionals, who expressed an interest in incorporating it on their websites. As a result, the team that put together Who's Web made this technology into an application in its own right - and so Maptimize was born!

In recognition of its innovative nature, Maptimize was invited by Google to present its work at the Google Developer Days in Paris in September 2008.

Experts in Google Maps and Javascript

L’The team behind Maptimize is made up of web technology and geolocation professionals, with the benefit of long-standing experience and a shared philosophy: making complex stuff simple.

We pay close attention to user feedback to simplify and improve our application on an ongoing basis. Since Maptimize is distributed in SaaS mode, our customers systematically benefit from improvements in our technology.

As developers, we are aware of the importance of good documentation and an API which is well put together. This means we are highly involved in the Open Source community: collaboration is the best way of improving products and ensuring the long-term future of what we do.

Some aspects of Maptimize technology are available in Open-Source form.

About the founder

Sébastien Gruhier


Sébastien Gruhier is the founder of the Xilinus consultancy and the man behind the Maptimize project. Prior to Maptimize, Sébastien spent six years dividing his time between France and the US whilst working for InfoTerra (formerly known as ISTAR), a company specialising in hi-res imaging. Portions of Google Maps' satellite views were calculated using his algorithms.