Test Maptimize
using your own data - 5 minutes is all it takes!

Use Maptimize to display your own maps based on a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file. No technical skill required!

Once your map has been created, you'll receive an e-mail with an exclusive URL at which you can view your map at any time for 15 days.

Check your data file

Your data must be sent to Maptimize in standard format. This means your file should have as many lines as there are points on the map (plus one line for the header).

  • The first, header line must specify the nature of the column data, separated by a semi-colon (or comma) as follows: "lat;lng".
  • The second line must correspond to the coordinates of a point on the map. This consists of its latitude and longitude, separated by a semi-colon (or comma), as in the following example: "36.0421;-89.7813".
  • Each subsequent line must then correspond to another set of coordinates.

Ultimately, your data should appear as shown here:

> Click to load a modifiable example

Upload the file

Import your data