CrunchBase: an example of what you can do by adding Maptimize to Google Maps

This map shows the location of high-tech companies listed on the CrunchBase website.

Updated daily, it displays more than 25,000 firms.

This map - along with more powerful features – can also be found on the CrunchPanomrama website.

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Multiply the potential of Google Maps tenfold!

Many sites use Google Maps technology to display markers on a map, representing retail outlets, items for sale, the location of individuals, and so on. However, when there start to be too many markers to be displayed at once, the map becomes impossible to read:

  • To make things worse, it can take an eternity to display all the data.
  • There's no way of counting the number of markers in a given area.
  • It's impossible to click on one of them in particular.

Many websites have attempted to overcome this problem by implementing development-intensive workarounds, based for the most part on the principle of pagination: markers are displayed on a succession of different maps in groups of 10 or 20. Unfortunately, this solution brings with it a number of drawbacks:

  • No at-a-glance view of all the markers.
  • Browsing hassle for users.

Maptimize :
Google Maps - now with added intelligence!

Maptimize is an application which manages the display of data on Google Maps by merging markers which are geographically close together.

  • Maptimize enables up to 50,000 markers to be merged, thereby considerably enhancing map readability.
  • Maptimize readjusts marker merging as appropriate for every map zoom level.
  • Maptimize allows the size and shape of both markers and clusters to be customised, making your maps even more impactful.
  • Maptimize performs calculations in real time on its own servers, freeing up your bandwidth.
  • Maptimize offers an innovative and stimulating viewing solution for your visitors and customers!
Try it out with your own data!

How does Maptimize work ?

Your site uses Google Maps to display maps, and Maptimize to display markers and clusters.

  1. Your data (longitude, latitude and qualification data) are uploaded onto Maptimize's servers or synchronised regularly via an API.
  2. You define the design of your markers and clusters using CSS - or choose the default design suggested by Maptimize.
  3. Add a few lines of code (Javascript) to the page displaying your maps…
  4. …and you're good to go!
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